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Tim Tebow’s “Top 10” Denver Bronco’s Christmas Wish List Uncovered !

December 24, 2010
Tebow Sitting On Santa's Lap

Tim Tebow's Secret Denver Christmas Wish List

Dear Santa:

I have been a very good boy this past season. I liked my coach, but he got fired. I didn’t like my Friar Tuck haircut, but I rolled with the flow. I bided my time behind the other QB’s. I’m a team player. It’s all about the team. Since I’ve been a good boy, can you bring me the following and place it under my Denver Christmas tree:

1. Urban Meyer as head coach

2. a Defense that isn’t full of holes, like swiss cheese

3. A running attack that isn’t near the bottom of the league

4. A girlfriend (no….NOT gold-digger, Jenn Sterger !)

5. An autographed picture of Mike Shanahan

6. More endorsement deals (think along the lines of “Got Milk”, not underwear)

7. Shelter the homeless,feed the hungry and care for the sick & weak

8. A lifetime membership on

9. An introduction to Rex Ryan’s wife

10. A Denver Bronco cheerleader under my tree

I can’t wait till Christmas morning. I’ll leave some cookies, milk and carrots for your reindeer and you. Tell Rudolf I said hello.




Will Kerwin Bell Be The New Gators Offensive Coordinator ?

December 14, 2009

Kerwin Bell - Gators New Offensive Coordinator?


Rumors have been circulating in the Southeast that former Gator QB Kerwin Bell is being considered for the Louisville and the University of Florida’s Offensive Coordinator. Many are coveting Bells’ wide open “Shake n’ Bake” offensive strategy.

New Louisville Head coach Charley Strong is very eager to land Bell as his new offensive coordinator, and simultaneously swirling Gator rumors are that Bell will be reunited with his former player Johnny Brantley, who he coached in High School in  Ocala, FL for a record setting offense.

Bell, currently head coach at Jacksonville University has been a hot commodity in the past few days. He has turned around a horrible program at Jacksonville with a wide open offense which he developed over his career in the Canadian Football League, the NFL and college.

He was tutored himself by offensive godfather Steve Spurrier, who was his coach when Bell was the Gators QB.

Many Gator fans grumbled this past year under the offensive leadership of converted Offensive Line coach Steve Addazzio, who put too much responsibility on Tim Tebow, and did not utilize the weapons that he had on offense. The Gator won “ugly” every game…and Gator Nation might’ve been spoiled over the years with wide open offense. It was clear that the Gators missed the playcalling of Dan Mullen, who left to become head coach at Mississippi State and made great improvements on that program in 1 year.

Kerwin Bell and Johnny Brantley - A Match Made In QB-Heaven


Gator nation would like to see Kerwin Bell return to the Gators sidelines and be reunited with his star student Johnny Brantley, to utilize his talents to their full potential next season.

In this regard, this writer agrees.

Hiring Kerwin Bell would be a great addition to the Gators staff.



Is Tim Tebow an iPhone or Blackberry User ?

March 7, 2009


Is Gator National Championship QB Tim Tebow an  iPhone or Blackberry user ?

Gator Nation is chomping at the bit and executives at Apple and RIM are in anguish over which cell phone Tim Tebow has decided to use.

The expected boost in business, related to the Tebow announcement has shareholders and CEO’s on edge.

Will Tebow choose the Apple iPhone and the Apple iTunes store?

or …will Tebow choose the Blackberry Storm and the Blackberry App World store ?


Tim Tebow Stars in Braveheart II: The Battle Of The Nation

December 3, 2008

Florida Florida St Football

(Tim Tebow & Mel Gibson (William Wallace) let out a tribal victory yell)

Tim Tebow has been chosen by Steven Speilberg to replace Mel Gibson as William Wallace in the sequel to BRAVEHEART, the dynamic Acacedmy Award winning epic movie about good vs evil.

Tebow will recreate the role of William Wallace as he battle against evil King Saban of Alabama.

In on of the greatest battle sequences in cinematic history, Tim Tebow will fight a guerilla war inside of the Georgia Dome for the SEC championship and an invitation to play for the BCS National Championship game in Miami.

Tebow is also on a historic path to win the Heisman Trophy a second time ..the only underclassmen ever to be considered to win it twice.

Bring your popcorn and sword….it will be the greatest Gators battle in recent history.

Tebow victorious …the super hero of the 21st century and the millenium beyond….