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Oprah Winfrey Twitters With “Britain’s Got Talent” Superstar Susan Boyle. Boyle declares she’s in love with Florida’s Tim Tebow.

April 18, 2009
Cry Me a River"Britain's Got Talent" contestant Susan Boyle Twitters that "she's madly in love with Tim Tebow."

"Britain's Got Talent" contestant Susan Boyle Twitters that "she's madly in love with Tim Tebow. Watch "Britain's Got Talent" superstar Susan Boyle sing "Cry Me a River"

Oprah Winfrey has joined the 21st century….by become a Twitter user.

Oprah can communicate to her fans by sending short 140-character  “tweets’ announcing what she’s up to.

Oprah sent a message stating her warm congratulations to Britain’s Got Talent star Susan Boyle , who just eloped with college sensation quarterback Tim Tebow, yesterday.

Oprah requested that Susan be a guest on her show… and Susan replied, “Only if Timbo can join me.”

Oprah was able to grant the request and will show the world what love is shared between these two dovebirds, when they appear on her popular TV show.



Susan Boyle Gets Married to American Football Star! “Britain’s Got Talent” overnight sensation accepts proposal on live TV show.

April 17, 2009
Susan Boyle Accepts Tim Tebow's Marriage Proposal on LIVE TV

Susan Boyle Accepts Tim Tebow's Marriage Proposal on LIVE TV


WOW ….we didn’t see this one coming.

It seems not only was Demi Moore and Ashton Kucher all verclempt when watching unknow Susan Boyle captivate the world, when she performed Le Miserable song “Dream The Dream”, on popular Brit show “Britain’s Got Talent.”

It appears that University of Florida National Champion and Heisman Trophy winning quarterback Tim Tebow was so overwhelmed that he flew by private jet across the Atlantic to be first in line, to propose to Susan Boyle.

The homely singer, who has never been married nor kissed a human, gleefully accepted Tebow’s  love committment offer. She lept into his burly arms and planted a kiss smack on his lips.

Tebow, who also hasn’t been married, stated that they were going to spend the next two days learning how to kiss, at the Ramada Inn, located in West Lothian, Scotland.

They were last seen hopping into a taxi, giggling all the way to their honeymoon hideaway….not only Dreaming The Dream …but living the dream. They are now making beautiful, sweet music together…


Tim Tebow Stars in Braveheart II: The Battle Of The Nation

December 3, 2008

Florida Florida St Football

(Tim Tebow & Mel Gibson (William Wallace) let out a tribal victory yell)

Tim Tebow has been chosen by Steven Speilberg to replace Mel Gibson as William Wallace in the sequel to BRAVEHEART, the dynamic Acacedmy Award winning epic movie about good vs evil.

Tebow will recreate the role of William Wallace as he battle against evil King Saban of Alabama.

In on of the greatest battle sequences in cinematic history, Tim Tebow will fight a guerilla war inside of the Georgia Dome for the SEC championship and an invitation to play for the BCS National Championship game in Miami.

Tebow is also on a historic path to win the Heisman Trophy a second time ..the only underclassmen ever to be considered to win it twice.

Bring your popcorn and sword….it will be the greatest Gators battle in recent history.

Tebow victorious …the super hero of the 21st century and the millenium beyond….

Tim Tebow Performs World’s First Brain Transplant Surgery During Spring Break !

May 8, 2008

Tim Tebow displays baboon brain to medical interns at UF Shands Hospital

Seen above is Heisman Tropy winner Gator Quarterback Tim Tebow keeping busy during Spring Break. He performs multiple circumcisions in a foreign country….Nurses Swoon …Patients ask For Autographs …And He Performs Worlds First Brain Transplant Surgery …all in his spare time !

Superman, Super-Christian and Super Dupor Tim Tebow can do no wrong. This kid is better than a Disney scripted movie. First he helps (as a freshman) to win the NCAA National Football Championship …then he sets new records as a Quarterback …collects every award known to modern football players …preaches to help others …and gives free circumcisions to impoverished children in the jungles. To top it off, he performed a brain transplant as an encore !

Seen above, stylish Doctor Tim Tebow is seen with the removed brain of Michael Vick.

Tebow is showing the organ to University of Florida Shands Teaching Hospital medical interns, before replacing Vick’s brain with that of a armadillo.

Tebow said the surgery went well, and that Vick will actual improve his personality by having the brain of a armadillo. The family of the armadillo is suing Tebow, because they said Vick’s brain has a lower IQ than the brain that was removed.

Stay tuned for breaking updates…

Santa Claus Comes Down Tim Tebow’s Chimney Early – Delivers Associated Press “Player of The Year” Award

December 19, 2007


Santa Claus and Timmy Tebow Celebrate AP Player of The Year Honors

Tim Tebow was selected as the Associate Press “Player of The Year” on Tuesday. The voting was very similar to the voting that made him the first sophomore to ever win the Heisman Trophy.

Tebow has been acquiring awards at a record pace. Awards he has won in the past month include the Davey O’Brien Award, Maxwell Award, Heisman Trophy Award, Associated Press Player of The Year Award and the All Around “Good Guy” Award from Good Guys International.

Tebow received 31 of a possible 58 votes from Associated Press poll voters. Coming in 2nd with 19 votes was Arkansas running back Darren McFadden and Hawaii quarterback Colt Brennas was third with four votes.

Tebow can be seen on New Years Day playing in the Orlando Citrus Bowl against Michigan.

Tebow Shocks NFL Teams – Will Stay in College 4 Years. Starts Potential Bidding War Between the NFL and AAFL !

December 12, 2007

Tebow Graduate

Seen above in artist rendition, is Tim Tebow in Gator cap & gown

After a whirlwind tour of New York City to win the Heisman Trophy, Tim Tebow has expressed his goal of staying in college to graduate. This would mean that Tebow would spurn the NFL’s millions of dollars in potential income, to earn his degree and graduate from the University of Florida.

This would mean that Tebow could potentially win a record 3 Heisman Trophy awards, a never before attained feat. In addition, he could also snare 2 more Maxwell Awards and Davey O’Brien Quarterback Awards, making his total trophy case have9 of the most prestigious awards in history.

Another reason the NFL is in a cold sweat is because if Tim Tebow graduates, this also would put the NFL in a bidding war with the new All American Football League (AAFL), with deep-pocketed AAFL Founder, Marcus Katz.

The new fledgling league has rules that all players must graduate from college, to be eligible to play. This would put Tebow in an enviable position, by having the new AAFL bid against the NFL for his quarterback talents.

This would be deja vu for the NFL, when the fledgling AFC emerged to compete against the NFC in the NFL league years ago.

Tebow could single-handedly reshape the professional football landscape in North America.


It’s Official ! Tim Tebow Wins Heisman Trophy in New York – Best Football Player on Earth and Gallactic Universe

December 9, 2007


LANDSLIDE ! Tebow Hoists Heisman Trophy in “Feel Good” Victory. America rejoices and has a new wholesome hero for kids. Cheerios would like him on cereal box.

In Manhattan on Saturday night, history was made. University of Florida sophomore quarterback was chosen to win the prestigious Heisman Trophy winner in a historic fashion. Tebow, the sensational, Christian, compassionate QB sets numerous NCAA records this season.

Jim Kelly Gets Heisman Trophy Winner Tim Tebow’s Autograph – To Sell On eBay !

December 9, 2007


Jim Kelly (seen above) receiving Tim Tebow’s autograph

NFL Hall of Fame Quarterback Jim Kelly was able to get to the front of the line after the Heisman Award ceremony in New York Saturday night, to receive the first autograph by Heisman Award Winner Tim Tebow. Tebow and Kelly spoke afterwards about the qualities a good quarterback needs to make it to the next level …and played video games in the hotel gameroom.

Tebow Spotted at New York’s Downtown Athletic Club to Pick Up Hardware

December 9, 2007


Tim Tebow at Heisman Podium Prior to Award Being Presented

University of Florida Sophomore sensation getting ready for the cable broadcast of the Heisman show….Stay Tuned for who is chosen to win the trophy……DEVELOPING

Gator Tebow “Love-Fest” Blazes Across America …and the Middle East !

December 8, 2007

Harold & Kumar Want Tebow To Win Heisman

Harold & Kumar Celebrate with Tim Tebow

Tebow Get “Two Thumbs Way Up” For His Heisman Award !

Seen above is Hollywood powerhouse actor superstars Harold & Kumar with Gator Uber-QB Tim Tebow. Popular actors Harold & Kumar have given “thimbs up” to Tebow winning the Heisman. They celebrated by going to White Castle for dozens of hamburgers, to celenbrate the selection of Tebow for the Heisman.

Humble Tebow is the favorite to win the award. Harold & Kumar have not been so shy about fighting for their quarterback’s chances of winning the award. ..and have spoken to the press whenever requested.

The award is literally hours away from being disclosed. Tune in at 8 PM tonight, for the Heisman results.