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Tebow Stuns Haters Again! Leads Broncos in Full Moon victory over Steelers in NFL Playoffs.

January 8, 2012


(Terrific Tim Tebow running against the #1 defense in the NFL in stunning victory)

DENVER – Jan 8, 2012

The amazing story of Tim Tebow continues to surprise the world and silence haters. Today, Tim Tebow led the Denver Broncos in a victory over much favored Pittsburgh Steelers, in Denver. Even mother nature was helping out, with a full moon rising above the sold out stadium. The Broncos stunned the Pittsburgh Steelers with this upset victory and will be taking on Tom Brady and the New England Patriots next week in Foxborough, MA.

Excited fan Pete Nasca elatedly posted messages all over his Facebook page and social networks, praising Tebows leadership skills. TV ratings, according the Neillsen ratings set new playoff records for TV audience viewership.

The 80 yard overtime touchdown pass ended the game and sealed the opportunity to advance in the playoffs. Mark Davis, a dejected Pittsburgh fan stated afterwards, that he will be weeping like a girl for days.



Tebow Makes Elway Looks Like Horses Ass

December 6, 2011

Denver Broncos President, John Elway is looking more and more like a horses ass. He had nothing to do with drafting Tim Tebow and was trying to use ANYONE else at QB than the popular Tebow. Pressured by fan feedback, Elway finally switched QB’s to Tim Tebow. Since Tebow has been starter, he has won every game he started….and has better stats did than Elway in his first season.

Why does Elway hate Tebow?

Why does Elway come down to the sideline at the end of the game… steal the spotlight from Tebow?

Is John jealous of Tebows popularity, and is trying to get back into the spotlight again, by comonig down to the sideline at the end of the game to snarfle some camera shots? John…stay in the booth. You had nothing to do with Tebow’s success. Just stay in the booth and smile with your handsome chompers.

In my mind,. Elway is not in control of anything. He is a fiugure-head….and who really hasn’t added value to the previous managements drafts. Elway is basking in Tebow’s sunshine, collecting a paycheck, for doing jack squat. Sadly, Tebow is not loved by either Elway or Head Coach John Fox. Both are griytting theoir teeth and making the best of an uncomfortable situation.

Tebow just happily keeps doing his thing…and proving both Elway and Fox wrong. All Tebow does is win, much to their chagrin.

Just think if they didn’t tyrade their best receiver the week before they gave Tebow his start. They purposely seem to have tried their hardest top prove Tebow isn’t their QB. They got rid of his best receiver, yet Tebow still lifts all the other players around him to a higher performance level.

Keep working your magic, Tim. I enjoy seeing Horsehead Elway and Fox squirming in their seat.


Tim Tebow’s “Top 10” Denver Bronco’s Christmas Wish List Uncovered !

December 24, 2010
Tebow Sitting On Santa's Lap

Tim Tebow's Secret Denver Christmas Wish List

Dear Santa:

I have been a very good boy this past season. I liked my coach, but he got fired. I didn’t like my Friar Tuck haircut, but I rolled with the flow. I bided my time behind the other QB’s. I’m a team player. It’s all about the team. Since I’ve been a good boy, can you bring me the following and place it under my Denver Christmas tree:

1. Urban Meyer as head coach

2. a Defense that isn’t full of holes, like swiss cheese

3. A running attack that isn’t near the bottom of the league

4. A girlfriend (no….NOT gold-digger, Jenn Sterger !)

5. An autographed picture of Mike Shanahan

6. More endorsement deals (think along the lines of “Got Milk”, not underwear)

7. Shelter the homeless,feed the hungry and care for the sick & weak

8. A lifetime membership on

9. An introduction to Rex Ryan’s wife

10. A Denver Bronco cheerleader under my tree

I can’t wait till Christmas morning. I’ll leave some cookies, milk and carrots for your reindeer and you. Tell Rudolf I said hello.