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Bear Bryant states that Tim Tebow is the greatest football player he’s ever seen …from heaven !

January 1, 2010
Bear Bryant Tebow

Bear Bryant speaks from heaven and proclaims Tim Tebow the greatest football player of all time. Coach Bryant adds that Woody Hayes and he always turn on the ESPNH to watch Tebow perform his onfield miracles.


Could it be. Could the sounds we hear from the skies be legendary Alabama football coach Bear Bryant noticing the best football player he’s ever seen ?

Turns out, if the Bear was earthbound, he certainly would compare Tebow to Joe Namath, Kenny Stabler, Kerwin Bell and Bob Hewko.

If Bear Bryant were still with us, he’d be hard-pressed to name anyone better.

Bear, who was interviewed by Howard Cosell in heaven, said that Bear told him that Gator Tim Tebow is the greatest football player he’s ever seen. Bear said Tebow’s better than Bo Jackson, Wally Smojver, Jimbo Donigan, Mark Ingram and Hank Harris, combined.

Coach Bryant said he enjoys opening a Pabst Blue Ribbon with his coaches in the Touchdown Jesus lounge and watching a Saturday afternoon of gridiron with his circle of coaching friends who have elevated to heaven. Ocassionally, God stops in on his way to Dallas to watch the Cowboys through the opening in the Cowboys stadium roof.

He stated he enjoyed watching Tebow’s last college game in the Sugar Bowl beating the University of Cincinnatti .

Bear will give updates on his website on the NFL playoffs as they develop.