TIM TEBOW WINS SECOND HEISMAN ! – Greatest Player in College Football History

Tim Tebow Displays His Second Heisman Trophy Award to Photographers

TIM TEBOW DOES IT AGAIN – Wins Second Heisman Award

Here it is….direct from the Downtown Athletic Club…Tim Tebow Wins his 2nd Heisman Award., setting a new precedent in NCAA record books.  Tebow already had won a Heisman two years ago, and was not favored to win this year, his senior season because of a loss against Alabama at the SEC Championship game. Heisman ballots were tabulated by accounting firm Ernst & Young…and Tebow led all other candidates….to win his second Heisman Trophy as the best football player in the nation. He led single-handedly the Gators to a 12-0 regular season record…and the Gators probably put too much pressure on him for the SEC Championship game by depending on Tebow for 92% of the plays.  Many thought that Tebow would not win this year, but when you look at his leadership, drive, committment and statistics, it is easy to understand how Tebow garnered more vote that Toby Gerhart (Stanford), Colt McCoy (Texas), Mark Ingram (Alabama) or Ndamukong Hsu (Nebraska).

The United States loves Tim Tebow. The world loves Tim Tebow. College football fans love Tim Tebow. Tebow was the face of college football for the past 4 years. He is an incredible talent, who certainly deserves this award for a encore.

Congratulation to Tim Tebow, 2007 and 2009 Heisman Winner !


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7 Responses to “TIM TEBOW WINS SECOND HEISMAN ! – Greatest Player in College Football History”

  1. GatorNation Says:

    WOW…another Heisman….he deserves it above all others. Tebow transcended football. What a wonderful human being. God blessed us with Tim Tebow.

  2. SFBay Says:

    Ha, um not quite. Congrats to Ingram!

  3. footballschool101 Says:


  4. Acty771 Says:

    Tebow sucks!!!! He doesn’t deserve the heisman and can’t make it in the NFL cause he’ll Judy get hurt like he is now!!! They are faster bigger and hit harder in the PRO’s

  5. Acty771 Says:

    Tehole is a virgin homo and probably a fag pedophile!!!

  6. zach Says:

    tim tebow needs to go back to collage football were his sorry butts belongs!!! he shouldnt even be in the nfl, hes not good enough to be there yet. he sucks hes lucky he got that award agian for the second time!!!

  7. Matt Says:

    Awesome story! except for the little fact that Teblow didnt win the Heisman this year and in fact Mark Ingram deservably won it.

    If your gonna run your own website and write your own stories, you might want to get your facts straight…

    Also, Tebow is not the best college football player ever (Cam Newton) nor will he ever make it in the NFL. NFL quarterbacks need this certain little attribute called Accuracy, which Tebow cant do to save his life. Only thing he is good at is being an attention whore, taking credit for the work that his teammates do, and crying when he loses to Bama. Long live the most overrated college player in the history of the NCAA!

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