Tim Tebow Performs World’s First Brain Transplant Surgery During Spring Break !

Tim Tebow displays baboon brain to medical interns at UF Shands Hospital

Seen above is Heisman Tropy winner Gator Quarterback Tim Tebow keeping busy during Spring Break. He performs multiple circumcisions in a foreign country….Nurses Swoon …Patients ask For Autographs …And He Performs Worlds First Brain Transplant Surgery …all in his spare time !

Superman, Super-Christian and Super Dupor Tim Tebow can do no wrong. This kid is better than a Disney scripted movie. First he helps (as a freshman) to win the NCAA National Football Championship …then he sets new records as a Quarterback …collects every award known to modern football players …preaches to help others …and gives free circumcisions to impoverished children in the jungles. To top it off, he performed a brain transplant as an encore !

Seen above, stylish Doctor Tim Tebow is seen with the removed brain of Michael Vick.

Tebow is showing the organ to University of Florida Shands Teaching Hospital medical interns, before replacing Vick’s brain with that of a armadillo.

Tebow said the surgery went well, and that Vick will actual improve his personality by having the brain of a armadillo. The family of the armadillo is suing Tebow, because they said Vick’s brain has a lower IQ than the brain that was removed.

Stay tuned for breaking updates…


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